Pimms, ponies and Prescott

28th May 2011
This weekend's a hectic one - but in a good way.

I travelled into deepest Herefordshire last night to shoot the Pimms & Ponies night being held as a fundraiser for the Megan Baker House. Had great fun photographing over two hundred dressed-up-to-the-nines guests followed by the charity auction and race night. Just to top it all off, there was a hog roast of epic proportion.

I've been studying the weather this morning and it looks okayish for La Vie En Bleu at Prescott with possible showers today but tomorrow dry until evening time. (why do I actually believe the met boys and girls? As my old dad used to say: if they tell you it's raining you need to go outside to have a look)

Early start tomorrow with a full day on the hill shooting those lovely French machines, can-can girlies and arcordian players. See you at breakfast, guys.