Soaking wet - again

15th June 2011
The weather Gods are clearly not motor sport fans if the last two weekends are anything to go by.

Not content with making a mess of the Jaguar E-Type 50th Anniversary weekend at Shelsley, they hurled rains of biblical proportion at us for the BHC event at Loton last weekend.

I can't recall ever getting quite that wet apart from on snorkelling holidays. I returned my Páramo 'waterproof' trousers to Brays in Malvern on Monday and they're now back at the manufacturers to find out just why, having spent well over £100, I was soaked right through. Next time I'll just cable tie a few colanders together: they'd be just as effective.

Fair play to everyone involved with last weekend's meeting. Drivers, officials, marshals and caterers. (Let's never forget the people who supply us with bacon sandwiches and hot chocolate drinks on a day as desperate as that) Thanks to Jim Gazey for the hour I spent in the course car nattering and sheltering from the wet. That was the warmest I was all day.

From a photographic perspective, Sunday was a mixed bag. The morning's images were some of the best I've taken with spray, reflections etc. The afternoon ought to have been equally as good but my lens fogged up after I stored it in the boot of my car at lunchtime and most of the early afternoon shots looks as though they've been taken on a misty moor.

Long day but good fun. Spent the bulk of it trekking the hill with Chris Wolverson. Always good to show marshals areas of the hill they wouldn't normally visit.

Till the next time, eh?