Spring Start

26th April 2013
Sunday marked my first visit of the year to Silverstone when I attended the VSCC's Spring Start meeting.

Like all VSCC events, this was run like a military operation and we were treated to some astoundingly fine grids of cars. I've attended loads of hill climbs and trials but this was the first time I've been to a vintage circuit meeting and I loved seeing such amazing machinery blazing round the track. Who knew that so many pre-war Aston Martin's still existed?

Aside from the trackside action, it was smashing to run into so many people I knew. If I'd attended something like this a few years back, I'd have slipped in un-noticed but these days, events like this are a true social occasion for me. What a great way to get the season underway. Many thanks to Gillian and the rest of the VSCC officials for inviting me along to shoot this. I'll certainly come again next year.

Here are a few shots of the day.

This weekend sees the opening round of the British Hill Climb championship at Prescott. I'm heading down there after work on Saturday for a quick look round as the bikes will also be there. Sunday will be a full day of shooting and I can't wait. See you on the hill, everyone.