Strapped (as in 'for cash')

08th March 2011
Yesterday was the annual pilgrimage to the Focus On Imaging show at the NEC.

This is the largest photographic show in Europe as well as the year's biggest excuse to spend money. By the time 10am arrived, Rich was anything but rich as both he and his credit card were in complete meltdown.

Once I'd coaxed Rich out of his state of shock, we trawled the two massive halls of camera based stands along with Chris when he pitched up later. This was gizmo heaven. In some respects, I was quite restrained but, having announced that I'd blown my entire photography budget on the new D3 a fortnight ago, I still cracked as the day wore on and bought a new lens (50mm f/1.4) and a new Sun Sniper strap.

The lens was a (sort of) must-have purchase as the D3's a full frame beast and this means my wonderful 35mm f/1.8DX is now not doing the job it did. I'll, reluctantly, be selling this and another of my DX lenses this week to balance the books.

The Sun Sniper strap's something I've been wanting to try for a while but I really needed to see one in the flesh. Trying it with a camera attached was a huge advantage and I think it'll be dead handy if I'm hauling a spare camera around throughout the season.

In a shallow attempt at self restraint, I stopped myself from buying an off-camera flash bracket that looked brilliant. Oh, and there was an even more expensive version of the 50mm lens that I managed to keep away from so, an expensive day, but not as ruinous as it might have been.