That's Rich

18th January 2011
Great to see that my fellow shooter, Rich Danby picked up an award at the BHC Dinner.

Part of me is disappointed that I wasn't there to see the great moment and to witness the look of shock/horror on his face. That said, I might have let myself down by doing the whole Yvonne Fair circa 1976 thing and stood up at the back of the room shouting, "It Should Have Been Me!" but that would have been plain wrong: if anyone deserved a mention for their contribution to hill climbing, It Should Have Been Rich.

As if his tireless efforts to think of inventive methods of showcasing our sport weren't enough, Rich also has to put up with my incessant rambling as I rail against everything and anything. This is worth an award in itself.

Well done, Mr Danby. Can't wait for us to do it all over again.