The Deep South

14th May 2012
Last weekend was my first trip to Wiscombe Park when I attended the VSCC hill climb.

It's always good to visit a fresh venue and even better to do so when the sun's shining. After a month of being drenched through it was smashing of the VSCC to haul along some good weather for their visit to Devon. That said (here we go with a typical photographer-never-happy-with-the-weather story) it was devilishly tricky exposing shots accurately under the tree canopies.

Wiscombe's a big, rambling hill involving lengthy walks if you want to shift around on it but it has some wonderful places to see the action and to take photographs. The bottom paddock was crammed with unique vintage cars scattered around on the grass along with some lovely people so I spent an hour there after lunch with the camera.

Many thanks to Steve Walsh for taking my media tabard back down and saving me another big walk late on in the day when my muscles were just beginning to protest.

The mixture of images are here so take a look.