The Tardis Lands today

07th April 2011
Following a lot of research I've ordered the new camera bag and it should be here this morning. (Thursday)

The Thinktank Airport Acceleration V2.0 looked fantastic and I so very nearly bought that but in a effort to deliberately not make it appear like a camera bag, they left out one of the most important features. I like outside pockets for easy access to memory card holders, keys, phone etc and the idea of having to open the thing every time I need an energy bar or a filter prevented me from going for it.

I've opted for a Lowepro Vertex AW300. This is a cavernous bag which should serve me well. I've got two Lowepro bags already and they're excellent. Fully laden, the Vertex will be massively heavy but, worn on your back, this shouldn't be a problem.

So this evening, the packing begins.