The Valley Of Storms

11th May 2011
Sunday started threateningly but it was all hunky-dory in the end. The remains of Saturday's storms seemed to be trapped in the Teme Valley in the morning but eventually, they escaped.

I did get chance to test my newest wet weather camera cover (worked very well fortunately) but after lunch, the track dried and so did we. A bizarre part of me regrets not being there in the torrents of rain on Saturday as it looked spectacular. Shireen had the right plan: get to the top of the hill where the light's best and nail a few spectacular shots when no one else is brave enough to do it. Well done Photography Wench.

Trevor's going to be a genuine contender in the BHC this year if he can drive his new toy so brilliantly after only getting it out of the packaging a week ago.

No event for me this weekend so a chance to crack on with my Archivist duties. I just love all that lovely backing up of images: it panders to the obsessive control freakery part of my nature.