Time For An Update

08th July 2011
Things have been a touch on the hectic side of late and I'm overdue a site update and some fresh photos.

The double-header at Shelsley last weekend was great. The weather was excellent and we had an eye-watering spread of cars dating back to the Edwardian era. The older motors might not share the velocity of their modern counterparts but they're wonderful to photograph.

Thoroughly enjoyed Sunday apart from discovering that my iconic 28-70 lens had developed a minor focusing problem. Its now back with Nikon UK and I'm awaiting phone call telling me how much it'll cost and, more importantly, how long the precess will take.

Great to spend time nattering with the Hart Breaker for a while as she related the details of her amazing Apprentice-style six hat sale that morning. Regalia (as opposed to 'merchandise') is alive and well at Shelsley Walsh.

A few shots from the weekend are here