Welcome to the hyperthermia Championship

04th May 2012
Last weekend was quite testing. I've been colder and I've been wetter but not at the same time.

The orchard resembled a scene from The Somme. The ruts from the previous weekend's Bike Fest exhibitor trailers were still evident and the ground was like a swamp. I got there early, took the RAV and managed to park on some relatively firm ground to make it easy to extract myself later on.

With winds of up to 40MPH and temperatures of around 5 degrees, it was never going to be a warm day but I wasn't expecting it to be quite so bone-numbingly cold. I sought shelter in the marshal's hut at Bridge a number of times and sloped off to fetch hot chocolate drinks now and then. I also got changed completely at lunchtime then again before heading off for home. Remember my number one tip for motor sport photography: you can never take to many pairs of socks with you.

I have to take my hat off to the marshals for sticking it out in those conditions: that wasn't an easy meeting by any stretch.

Tough day to take photos too but the rewards can be good in conditions like that. I don't think I've ever got so many spray shots. Aside from being unable to feel my fingers, the biggest problem was my lenses fogging up and having to swap filters or dry off various pieces of glass. All good fun though. What's the point if it isn't a challenge?

Shelsley tomorrow so perhaps the weather will be a little kinder. My boots have just about dried out this morning so bring it on.